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Picking Fruit in Sussex – July 1924

They are telling me that there will be no Household column this week if I do as many boilings of fruit as I am planning for to-day and to-morrow. It is extraordinary how we all ignore the lessons of experience … Continue reading

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New Inventions Not to Blame – July 1924

Many people are questioning the causes for the continued rain and low temperature of this summer, and find an answer in the electric disturbance of the atmosphere brought about by broadcasting. But does broadcasting cause disturbance? Only men deeply learned … Continue reading

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Going to Church July 1921

On my way to church one morning I met four little girls under school age, bareheaded in private checked prints enjoying themselves in the sunshine. One of them carried a bunch of blue harebells. She stopped and held out a … Continue reading

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Hulloa – July 1921

A young friend told me the other day that her mother was greatly shocked when they were out walking together, and the daughter’s Sabbath School scholars greeted her with a cheerful, “Hulloa!” This displeasure at the frank familiarity of children … Continue reading

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Discussion Between the Sexes – July 1920

(Nancy Astor was the first female MP in the British Parliament, elected in 1919. This is an interesting perspective from Margaret) Among men, it is a common criticism of our first lady MP that she has “chipped in” too much. … Continue reading

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Drunkenness at the Highland – July 1920

From a woman’s point of view, the Aberdeen Show had two disappointing features. The first was the weather which, being in uncertain mood, denied us the pleasure of wearing pretty dresses. The gay colours seen at last year’s show were … Continue reading

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Fashion of Barelegged Girls – July 1918

(not sure what to make of this one!) This has not been an ideal summer for the present fashion of bare-legged girls. But they do not have the appearance of feeling the cold. And many of us are grateful for … Continue reading

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Enchanted Wood at Blossoming – June 1918

(Margaret was great observer of children. Here’s another column on her nieces and nephews) There is a wood in which, strange to say, I had never set foot. It is beyond the “top dam,” and is fenced off in a … Continue reading

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Pleasure from Children – July 1918

One gets a great deal of pleasure in life from the mere sight of children; passing them in the street, meeting them in a railway carriage, or getting casual glimpses of them anywhere or under any circumstances. Poor or rich, … Continue reading

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Returning to “Dream People” – July 1918

I do not know whether it is the greater trial to have no one to know, no one to tell and no one to help when the hour of perplexity and difficulty arises, or to have too many to know … Continue reading

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