Pleasure from Children – July 1918

One gets a great deal of pleasure in life from the mere sight of children; passing them in the street, meeting them in a railway carriage, or getting casual glimpses of them anywhere or under any circumstances. Poor or rich, clean or dirty, they are always better worth looking at than their elders.

I love to be passing a big school early in the morning when troops of boys and girls are arriving with their cases or bags; or at the interval when swarms of the young animals are crowded in the playground busy with ball and skipping rope.

Although lacking in self-consciousness, the tinies are shy if a stranger looks at them too steadfastly, and the older ones will turn enquiringly in wonder. One enjoys the sight of them most when they are unconscious of being observed.

I do not know whether there are many people who, like myself, would name among the attractions of a city or of a large town, the opportunity of seeing large numbers of children of all classes. Certainly it is one of the disadvantages of a sparsely populated rural district that one doesn’t meet sufficient numbers of people and one sees few children.

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