New Inventions Not to Blame – July 1924

Many people are questioning the causes for the continued rain and low temperature of this summer, and find an answer in the electric disturbance of the atmosphere brought about by broadcasting. But does broadcasting cause disturbance? Only men deeply learned in physical science could attempt to answer that. Whether it does or does not has little if any bearing upon the problem of a series of wet summers.

The disturbance — presuming there is some readjustment of atmospheric electricity through the operation of wireless and broadcasting — would be as likely to take the form of drought, or prolonged sunshine, or high winds, or a change of arctic currents. Science knows so very little of these things. Besides, there has been a succession of cold summers: 1920, 1922 and 1923 were all bleak and wet.

Memory and history record previous spells of wet summers in this little green island of ours. That is why it is so green; intermittent sunshine, a total absence of dry winds (except in the extreme south-east), rain all the year round. Warm, sunny summers are exceptional and always have been.

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