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Incurable Public Untidiness – September 1924

In spite of the continued appeals to the people to cultivate tidiness in public places, one sees everywhere the most inexcusable litter disfiguring the ground. I sat on a chair at Wembley and watched a man with a long-handled fork … Continue reading

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Elderly Woman Smoker – September 1924

It was in the stone-flagged hall of the old Tudor House at Wembley that I nearly collided with a young man hastening in the opposite direction to myself with a lighted match in his hand. We both dodged to left … Continue reading

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Selfish Smoking Travellers – September 1924

Two young mothers, exchanging notes on the age and weight of their infants, had left me alone in a railway carriage to resume my perusal of the morning’s criticisms of the Geneva speeches. Then a young man entered and prepared … Continue reading

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Opinion on Show Scones – September 1908

A correspondent, “Nancy,” wishes recipes to be given in this column for home-made scones fit to be entered at a show. I am sure “Nancy” understands that the secret of good scones does not lie in any recipe, but in … Continue reading

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Blades and Rabbits – September 1924

If the tractor kept in a good humour they were hoping to finish cutting one field of oats and tares, and to start with another before dusk, so that all would be in order for a good run next day. … Continue reading

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To the Byre over Humplocks – September 1924

It was the early afternoon milking hour on a Sunday when one may take a daun’er round the buildings with an easy conscience, and I thought I should like to have a peep at Princess — a 1000 gallon cow … Continue reading

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Letter Re Gretchen – September 1914

Sir, A rose when called by any other name would smell as sweet (so said the poet); but why should the lady who writes for the Household Page” in The Scottish Farmer sign herself by the very German name of … Continue reading

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Snaring the ‘Lintie’ – Spetember 1922

One day that I was walking along a by-road I saw two young men at a distance manoeuvring in the hedge next to a turnip field. When I came up to them I noticed that they had placed three small … Continue reading

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Football for Girls – September 1920

We read that football teams for girls are being formed in various parts of the country and the illustrated pages of the dailies is enlivened by pictures of young women clad in short wide trousers and striped jerseys enjoying themselves … Continue reading

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Thatching in Sussex – September 1919

Thatching in Sussex is not done by regular workers on the farm but by a professional expert who is engaged by the farmers in turn. The results are much more workmanlike and there is probably not a stack in the … Continue reading

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