Miner to Take Pleasure – September 1916

There are large bodies of men who are profiting by the war. It is my lot to know something of the miners who are making very big wages — which nobody grudges to them.

But it is extremely difficult to make them feel that they should sacrifice any small portion of this for the good of their brothers who are holding the line of defence in every imaginable discomfort. Even for their own benefit, it is hard to make them see the utility of present sacrifice and of joining the army of “Scrapehards” who are helping to pay the war.

A friend of mine was making an attempt to induce a number of them to join a War Savings Association. The reply he got was, “We’re going to have a bit of pleasure while we can. When the war’s over, the wages may not be so good.” The “bit of pleasure” means drink, dogs and gambling in the majority of cases. Where is the equality of sacrifice in this instance?

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