Photograph of Five Cars – September 1916

To-day, a photograph is published of the five cars gifted by the readers of this paper to the British Branch of the British Red Cross Society. Caption (page 779)—Fleet of five ambulance cars subscribed for by the readers of The Scottish Farmer — No 1, a “GMC (American) car; Nos. 2,3 and 4, British built Wolseley cars. The waggons in each case were built by William Park, coachbuilder, Crawford Street, Glasgow, SS. Different units in the fleet have been in use in Glasgow for some months past. The whole, with one exception, have now been shipped to the front.

The fund at noon on Thursday, stood at £2644. As already indicated, the contribution for the five cars represented in the photograph is £2309. The sum of £320, with whatever interest may have accrued thereon, will, in a few days be paid over to the Scottish Women’s Hospital Fund for the Serbian Car. The balance of £15 2s 9d forms the nucleus of a new fund, which will be applied to the equipment of a Field Hospital Car through the Scottish Branch of the British Red Cross Society.

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