Incurable Public Untidiness – September 1924

In spite of the continued appeals to the people to cultivate tidiness in public places, one sees everywhere the most inexcusable litter disfiguring the ground. I sat on a chair at Wembley and watched a man with a long-handled fork prod dozens of discarded cigarette cases, sweet and cake bags, ice-cream cases, miscellaneous bits of paper and banana skins, within a few square yards and deposit them in one of the receptacles provided every few yards.

In that one day scores of people had sat at that particular spot with a large wire receptable at their elbow, and a notice printed in large capitals courteously drawing their attention to the convenience of it, and hardly one had troubled to make use of it.

I do not believe there is one in a thousand of the daily visitors to Wembley who gives an instant’s thought or consideration to his or her duty in this respect. The only school where citizens can learn the importance of tidiness and order is in the home.

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2 Responses to Incurable Public Untidiness – September 1924

  1. Dave says:

    Some things never change. Unfortunately.

    • dacj40 says:

      I think over here things are better than they were. We have had campaigns in the past such as “Keep Britain Tidy”, which have at least made people think. Of course there are always those that don’t think or care and can ruin it for the rest of us.

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