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Care of the Little Boy – October 1923

A young woman got into the compartment carrying a child well muffled up, an older woman followed, and a young woman bade them good-bye from the platform, mingling with her adieus many exhortations to the woman with the child — … Continue reading

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Snow on Scafell – October 1923

It was extremely mild, not to say muggy, over the week-end. Then, on Wednesday, the wind blue keenly from the East and somebody said “there’s snow on the fells.” It had been raining heavily all day and, when I looked … Continue reading

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Romance of the Palate – Monday October 1907

Been very wet over the week-end and all hands about the steading. Why shouldn’t I run across the Border and see the crops there? While around us the fields are almost all cleared, there are many full fields on the … Continue reading

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Sow and Pigs Neglected – Saturday October 1907

Torrents of rain, and, unfortunately, the grain was not all secured last night. The men threshed and crushed corn and we set our house in order. It was found that the sow and pigs had been neglected when the other … Continue reading

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Not Such an Easy Time – Friday October 1907

Our girls are told to hurry up with their usual work, as they will probably both be wanted outside in the afternoon; but alas! they couldn’t apparently “go past their step.” The only time they move alertly is when they … Continue reading

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Mutton Broth – Thursday October 1907

Rain through the night, and no let up till noonday, which meant an early lunch. We had mutton broth, and nobody showed disapproval by leaving any. We took particular notice because we had seen a paragraph in the daily paper … Continue reading

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Rush Harvest Diary – Wednesday October 1907

The harvest seems more of a rush this year than usual. For so many weeks was the grain green that it seemed doubtful it should ever change colour and ripen. Almost suddenly at the last, the transition took place and, … Continue reading

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Autumn Morning – October 1923

It had rained, of course, through the night, and morning had not wiped her tears away when the thrush began to sing. There are many birds, notably the blackbird, which are most moved to exuberant song by mild moisture. Not … Continue reading

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Late Roses – October 1921

Reports come from all over the country of the remarkable display of mid summer flowers still to be seen to perfection in our gardens. Indeed in most districts where I have been travelling, roses are finer in colour and form … Continue reading

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The Bonny Ivy Tree – October 1921

There is in a very sheltered corner of a little lane in Essex that I came upon two very tall specimens of the “Ivy” tree. Owing to their position I could not make out the character of the original trunk … Continue reading

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