Late Roses – October 1921

Reports come from all over the country of the remarkable display of mid summer flowers still to be seen to perfection in our gardens. Indeed in most districts where I have been travelling, roses are finer in colour and form than they were in July and August.

Yesterday I saw a large bowl full of the most perfect blooms one could wish to see and the colour of them was unusually deep and rich. Old friend, Frau Karl Druschki is still unfolding her snowy white petals and each open is as flawless as if she were blooming under glass.

A few late roses one has seen in private vines in October but never so numerous or so healthy and vigorous. Butterflies, dragon flies and insects of various kinds that seldom if ever were seen in our gardens have been visitors during these October days when the atmosphere was like that of a humid hot house.

One day we counted eight admiral butter flies with their brilliant wings of black and scarlet poised on a bush of white michaelmas daisy — that dwarf variety with innumerable small feathery flowers —- I think its name is Aster Erica. A pair of small sky blue butter flies — I am not familiar with its name — fluttered over the bush, the picture was quite exotic.

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