Not Such an Easy Time – Friday October 1907

Our girls are told to hurry up with their usual work, as they will probably both be wanted outside in the afternoon; but alas! they couldn’t apparently “go past their step.” The only time they move alertly is when they want off soon on Sunday nights, or are going off for a week-end or something of that sort.

It is amazing at other times to note the aged step and lethargic air of a strapping girl in her teens. But can we wonder at it? When we wish them to move briskly, it is for our benefit in order that they may do more work for us. And so there is another hustling afternoon, late work, two milkers. What shall we do when agricultural servants form a trades union, demanding short hours and easy work, the incompetent to be paid at the same rate as the skilled?

Meanwhile we are getting our grain in, and it is hard upon others as well as servants. I sat down in the dusk for what I thought was five minutes’ well-earned rest, when the goodman came in for lanterns and wondered why I couldn’t have a few lamps lit. I do believe the men imagine we are having a nice easy time indoors.

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