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Quality of Numbers – December 1924

The mystery of numbers must soon have attracted man in his earliest development. Two hands, and not one only and each hand has its divisions. One notes the puzzle and the realisation of this struggling in the growing mind of … Continue reading

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Numbers in a Hospital Ward – December 1924

“And how does your father like the change to a hospital ward?” was the question I heard one (unseen) woman ask another. “Oh, he doesn’t like it so well as his own room at home,” was the reply, “there aren’t … Continue reading

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Grandmothers’s Story – December 1895

We children were playing round grandmother’s chair, And grannie joined in with so cheerful an air, We forgot that she wasn’t just one of ourselves And wild ran round her like frolicsome elves. At last she besought us to pause … Continue reading

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Christmas Present – December 1923

A reader remarked to me one day that I had given no hints on the great business of Christmas presents. There were two reasons for this neglect: — One, that my circumstances have not been favourable during the last few … Continue reading

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The Travelling Talker – December 1922

There is nothing like talk for developing the mind said a school master to me. Children should be encouraged to talk with their parents especially at meal-times. The difficulty I have with my boys is that few of them can … Continue reading

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Furs for Fashion – December 1911

Wearing more expensive furs seems more noticeable than 10 or 20 years ago. Our mothers and grandmothers got “sets” of sables which lasted one lifetime and were cut up for the adornment of the next generation: I have a distinct … Continue reading

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