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Birds on a Foggy Morning – January 1925

It is a foggy morning and still the smoke goes up largely from chimneys of factories and houses. The starlings wheel in small flocks over the chimneys towards the shoulder of a rounded hill which is the landward side of … Continue reading

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Potatoes a La Hotel Cecil – January 1925

There can be no question that in the labourer’s cottage and in the Scottish farm kitchen the potato is cooked, served and eaten with a relish unknown to the Hotel Cecil. A maid of ours drifted into a big London … Continue reading

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Old Age and Being a Burden – January 1925

Of late I have been pondering much on the word “home” and what it stands for in our thoughts and language. We have the Nursing Home, Home for Cripples, Home for the Incurable, Maternity Home, Home for the Blind, Home … Continue reading

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Christmas in a Hospital Ward – January 1925

Christmas decorations are a great feature in all hospitals at this season (those in England at any rate). Discussion and preparations begin weeks in advance and there is rivalry between the different wards as to which should achieve the most … Continue reading

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T. L. Peacock’s Views on Burns – January 1924

In a passage in T.L. Peacock’s Gryll Grange he exalts Robert Burns as the “faithful interpreter of nature.” No poet, he says is “truer to nature than Burns” and no one less so than Moore. Again, “Shakespeare never makes a … Continue reading

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Private Room in the House – January 1924

To-day my newspaper gives a photograph of the private room set apart in the House of Commons for the use of our eight women members. This places them in a relationship to each other closer than that imposed upon male … Continue reading

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To Interest and Instruct – January 1899

You know I cannot have a practical knowledge of everything, so I make it part of my business to learn by reading about many things that will interest and instruct you. You would scarcely believe, how difficult it is to … Continue reading

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Death of Two Sisters – January 1908

Two notable sisters connected with Ayrshire farming recently passed away. On the last day of 1907, Mrs Robert Barr, of South Craig, Kilmarnock, died in her 68th year and on 19th January, her sister, Mrs. Alex Sloan, Greenhill, Crosshouse, passed … Continue reading

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Glimpses of Colouring – January 1922

Many a winter’s day gives us glimpses often unexpected — of rich colouring that are all the more attractive because there is no hint in them of summer or spring or autumn. When the recent heavy rainclouds broke and scattered … Continue reading

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Doh, Ray Me Scale at Home – January 1922

We had a doh, ray, me scale at home and I can see it hanging on the wall and my father or mother with a ruler giving us singing exercises on it and I feel yet the keen delight of … Continue reading

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