Beginning of the Land Army – January 1917

Some weeks ago, the Women’s National Land Service Corps laid a scheme before the Board of Agriculture for the recruiting of an army of women for the land.

The suggestion was that the voluntary methods hitherto followed have resulted in comparative failure — in too many women here, and too few there, in trained women getting nothing to do, and wholly inexperienced girls undertaking tasks beyond them.

It is said that Mr Prothero has accepted the scheme, whose details I do not know. But it is generally understood that the suggestion is that the board should make itself responsible for the placing of a recognised body of women on the farms. The Government would fix their wages, as it does that of soldiers sent out, and make arrangements for their billeting.

I cannot guess how Mr Prothero will overcome difficulties from the employer’s side which voluntarily have been found insuperable; but we may see.

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