New Years Resolution – January 1921

Our correspondent, in Wonderland, sometimes achieves rather good imitations of Lewis Carroll in the Children’s Newspaper. In the Christmas week it was rather poor although it began well.

“About this time of the year,” said the Mad Hatter, on whom I called last week, “I make it a rule to form one or two very choice inexpensive, becoming and attractive resolutions — what you might call the season’s novelties.”

“Do they last?” I enquired.

“That’s not the point,” replied the Mad Hatter. “If they lasted we shouldn’t be able to form more good resolutions for next year. The very essence of a resolution is that it should not last.”

Quite a gay and heartsome thought, and it recurred to me when on New Year’s Eve a friend asked me if I had my resolutions ready for the next day. But, when she went on to wish me a happy new year, something prompted me to protest that it did not matter whether I was happy or not.

“Oh why,” she asked.

Thus confronted with the necessity for explaining my rejection of happiness I said that, if the people I cared about were well and prosperous and happy, my own condition did not concern me at all. Which is one way of stating a fundamental spiritual law that no one can be happy alone or rather that no one can be happy apart from relationship to others.

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