Glimpses of Colouring – January 1922

Many a winter’s day gives us glimpses often unexpected — of rich colouring that are all the more attractive because there is no hint in them of summer or spring or autumn. When the recent heavy rainclouds broke and scattered in scurrying batallions across the vault, the sky revealed was a clearer, deeper and richer blue than is ever seen in summer.

Round the northern horizon were banked the reserves looking serene and menacing till the sun came from behind a huge fleecy cloud and turned their watery darkness to a deep soft violet. For a short time the landscape was vivid in its colouring . The leafless trees were pencilled clearly against the purple background in every shade of gray, black and brown glistening in the sunlight.

The Larches were a pale wan brown among the forest trees. One field stood out distinctly in its newly washed robe of green; a full berried holly shown at a distance as if it held a fire in its heart which did not consume and the beech hedge in front of the wood glowed with the warm bronze of its dead leaves.

Every tint spoke of winter and the deeply purple background gave warning of beneficent floods still to come — floods which we trust will replenish all the dried up sources of our water springs .

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