Death of Two Sisters – January 1908

Two notable sisters connected with Ayrshire farming recently passed away. On the last day of 1907, Mrs Robert Barr, of South Craig, Kilmarnock, died in her 68th year and on 19th January, her sister, Mrs. Alex Sloan, Greenhill, Crosshouse, passed away in her 64th year.

They were daughters of the late William Donald of Sornbeg, Galston and excelled in the dairying industries for which Ayrshire is distinguished. Mrs. Barr was left a widow with a young family 24 years ago. She then entered on a strenuous battle and not only farmed but farmed splendidly during these years. Her management was thoroughly up to-date and for long she was in the front as a butter-maker, winning many prizes. She has left a family of two sons and three daughters.

Mrs Sloan had also a strong individuality. She won first prize for an essay on the management of a small dairy which appeared in the Farming World some years ago and was of inventive mind. She took out provisional protection for a method of handling butter in grain in the churn and was also distinguished as a butter maker.

Mrs Sloan is survived by her husband and, of her family, the sole survivor is Mr Andrew Sloan, the well-known secretary of the Dairy Federation.

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