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The Household – February 21st 1925

As “Margaret”is not keeping so well this week, writes “Nancy, ”I am taking her place in the Household column, and here I sit with my feet on a footstool, wondering what to write to you about….

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Humans without Hips or Waists – February 1925

A friend of mine recently received a catalogue from a London firm of ladies’ tailors or costumiers accompanied by a letter. In this, they expressed their regret that they had not received any of her esteemed orders for the last … Continue reading

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Fresh Air Treatment – February 1925

The latest treatment for pneumonia is almost completely opposed to the old. During the war years it was found that pneumonia patients who, owing to exigencies of space, had their beds placed in open sheds (covered overhead from the rain, … Continue reading

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In a Train with Funeral Party – February 1924

I walked almost the whole length of a long train before I came to a third-class compartment that was not marked “Smoking.” There was a woman already seated in it, and she remarked as I sat down, “Although it isn’t … Continue reading

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Lady Astor’s White Gloves – February 1924

In reply to my query, “ Did you notice that the Labour women MPs prefer to sit hatless in the House?” a man asked me if I had seen in “to-day’s paper” that Lady Astor appeared with a clean pair … Continue reading

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Faults, But Not Grave – February 1924

With all its noble opportunities of love and service and practical guidance of the social evolution of the race, we must admit that in the home life of the domestic woman lie many dangers of narrowness of mind and of … Continue reading

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Suicide at 14 – February 1923

Most of us have been discussing the poignant tragedy of the suicide of a boy of 14 at a public school in the South of England where he was taken to task and kicked by two bigger boys because of … Continue reading

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Complacency of Cellar Living – February 1922

Only the other day I was talking with a woman — not yet very old —who remembers when there was a considerable population living in the cellars of the town in which she lived as a child. “They are all … Continue reading

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