Obituary Notice in Whitehaven News – MARCH 5th 1925

Arrangements were in hand for her removal to Glenholm Nursing Home during the period of convalescence but late on Saturday evening, a relapse ensued and Miss Shanks passed away somewhat suddenly.

The only daughter of the late James and Margaret Shanks, of Woodend, Egremont, Miss Shanks, who was of Scottish extraction, had spent most of her life in Cumberland, where up to the time of her entry to Glasgow University she was educated. Always of a studious nature, she showed marked ability and but for a somewhat delicate constitution which necessitated her giving up a public career early on in life, she would have made her mark in a much wider sphere.

Her health improved later on and she devoted herself to public usefulness in many ways and was well-known throughout Cumberland. Her contributions to “The Scottish Farmer” were much appreciated locally and for upwards of 30 years she was a regular member of the staff.

Even in hospital, during her illness, she rarely failed sending her usual weekly article. During the war period, she had charge of the landgirls in the Glasgow area and did much good work, which was a great tax on her strength and brought about a partial breakdown.
Of late years, she worked strenuously in the establishment of Women’s Institutes in Cumberland and she was on the executive committee and constantly lectured on various subjects of interest to this movement. It was through her energy and persistence that the institute in Gosforth was established and to the end, she retained her office of secretary as well as that of group convenor for the whole district.

Miss Shanks was a strong personality and of decided democratic tendencies which often brought her into conflict with many of her friends and acquaintances but she possessed many lovable characteristics which won for her troops of friends.

Under a somewhat cold exterior she had a warm and sympathetic nature for those in trouble or sorrow and her gratitude for little kindnesses shown to herself, especially during her last illness was most marked. She will be much missed in the county and district.

THE MONTHLY MEETING OF GOSFORTH WOMEN’S INSTITUTE was held recently when the president paid tribute to the memory of the late Miss Shanks who was instrumental in establishing the institute at Gosforth. Miss Shanks, the president remarked, was very talented and used her gifts to help others. She never spared herself in helping forward the cause she had at heart. At the last meeting which she attended, she appeared to be suffering great pain but up to the last always had a smile for everyone.

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