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Birds on a Foggy Morning – January 1925

It is a foggy morning and still the smoke goes up largely from chimneys of factories and houses. The starlings wheel in small flocks over the chimneys towards the shoulder of a rounded hill which is the landward side of … Continue reading

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Numbers in a Hospital Ward – December 1924

“And how does your father like the change to a hospital ward?” was the question I heard one (unseen) woman ask another. “Oh, he doesn’t like it so well as his own room at home,” was the reply, “there aren’t … Continue reading

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Enchanted Wood at Blossoming – June 1918

(Margaret was great observer of children. Here’s another column on her nieces and nephews) There is a wood in which, strange to say, I had never set foot. It is beyond the “top dam,” and is fenced off in a … Continue reading

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Bullying Birds of the Field – March 1924

On the field in front a flock of starlings are feeding when a number of peewits descend and appear to drive them off. The beautiful peewits in perfect nuptial plumage, look most forlorn with their crested heads sunk on to … Continue reading

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Sparrows Cheerfulness – February 1901

In the falling snow this morning I heard little songs. One was that of hedge sparrows. It is not what you would call song music. It betokens more an everyday cheerfulness. “Hurry up! Hurry up! it’s very jolly out here.” … Continue reading

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A Winter For Singing Birds – January 1901

Tuesday afternoon. Was there ever such a winter for the singing of birds This morning at dawn there was a chorale in the the trees all around the house. The robin, the wren, the hedge sparrow, and two whose strains … Continue reading

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Cock-Chickens to London – Friday 1902

A few days ago, we sent the last of our cock-chickens to London. The hen chickens of that brood — six of them — are all laying fine brown eggs —- one of them lays a double-yoked egg — and … Continue reading

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Mixed Bathing – August 1899

You will be surprised to find me writing to you from beside the sad sea waves, only by the way they are not sad but very peaceful and cheerful. Indeed the sea is too sleepy and slumbrous to do more … Continue reading

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Gooseberries and Raspberries

A fine breezy morning and all free hands to the hayfield! About nine o’clock the sky began to look threatening, and a fog deepened over the south-western horizon, blotting out the sea — now only discernible in the black sail … Continue reading

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Greed of Ducks for Juicy Slugs – Wednesday August 1907

We were weighing young ducks this morning in the hopes that there would be another dozen ready for market, for the greed of them is beyond belief if one had no previous experience of growing ducks. And a dirty business … Continue reading

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