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Admirable Stock-Pot – January 1897

In these days of innumerable cookery books and classes, it is easy to learn the underlying principles of cookery. Now soup of some kind is one of the most useful courses of a dinner and none the less so in … Continue reading

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Pan Haggis – December 1924

Two weeks ago “Nancy” gave a recipe for “pan” haggis (in distinction, I presume, to the real haggis which was originally cooked in a cow’s stomach — or was it the tripe of a pig? I have no cookery book … Continue reading

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Saved Humiliation – Tuesday December 1902

Before we could get set to work with our baking, two visitors arrived for dinner, intimating that another of the same family might be expected for tea! Your pity, I pray! Nothing in the tea cake line, but plain bread … Continue reading

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The “Whummlet’t” Chicken – Monday December 1902

One of our laying chickens shows unmistakeable symptoms of a desire to sit, and we have had to”whummle’t.” We discover that, owing to a succession of petty circumstances, we are out of all varieties of biscuits, cakes, buns etc, and … Continue reading

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Mr Fox “A Woeful Sight” – Wednesday September 1900

Last night, my window being wide open and some hen houses within a child’s stone throw, I heard a determined scratching on the wooden doors. “Aha! Mr Fox,” thought I. “ You may scratch but you’ll not get in.” I … Continue reading

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A Morning of Interruptions – August 1917

It was an intensely hot morning, and I was grating suet and preparing vegetables on a stone sconce out of doors. The bleating of sheep, and the soft scurrying of their woolly forms, just beyond the burn, reminded me that … Continue reading

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Friday – Bull and Bulky Gooseberries – June 1903

Wakened at five this morning by the hideous bellow of the bull (my window overlooks the yard) followed by loud shouts from the cowman bringing in the cows. This man has the most excellent gift of early rising and, as … Continue reading

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Coping with the Unexpected – June 1904

Have we not, all of us, found that, as certain as we plan for a big day’s cleaning or baking or sewing or for some other reason are particularly anxious to have our day to ourselves, a friend whom we … Continue reading

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Farmers’ Fare in1782 – May 1902

A correspondent sends me an extract from Southey’s “Commonplace Book, ” from which I shall make some selections. Southey himself has borrowed it from Douglas’s East Coast of Scotland, 1782. “I shall give you a farmer’s bill of fare for … Continue reading

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Saturday – Fair-Day Smiles – May 1902

The lads and lassies smile gaily to each other as they run across the close; and never, throughout the whole half-year, were such “strones “ to be heard in the milk-pails as raised the froth this morning. The lassies have … Continue reading

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