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Mutton Broth – Thursday October 1907

Rain through the night, and no let up till noonday, which meant an early lunch. We had mutton broth, and nobody showed disapproval by leaving any. We took particular notice because we had seen a paragraph in the daily paper … Continue reading

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Rush Harvest Diary – Wednesday October 1907

The harvest seems more of a rush this year than usual. For so many weeks was the grain green that it seemed doubtful it should ever change colour and ripen. Almost suddenly at the last, the transition took place and, … Continue reading

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A Scottish Byre Lamp – Saturday 1902

A letter this morning from a friend in Paris, with a very tempting suggestion that I might join her in a pension there. It would be so good for my health, physical and mental, she says. The lectures delightful, the … Continue reading

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Getting an Umbrella Repaired – Thusday January 1902

As we are able at present to sell all the butter and eggs in the house, it is not necessary for one of us to go to market. This convenience has its little inconveniences for we used to get our … Continue reading

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Oh, For a Stove in the Dairy – Thursday December 1902

It would be very helpful if we could have a stove in our dairy; not only for the sake of the ripening of the cream, but for comfort and expedition on churning days. How quickly the butter froze into a … Continue reading

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Falling Boots and Clogs – Wednesday December 1900

We have a man living in the house of solid sober habits who rises uncalled at the unearthly hour of five o’clock each morning and, of course he wakens everybody else with his heavy tread for our hired men sleep … Continue reading

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Wearing of Clogs – Tuesday November 1900

Dairying is a dirty business and our dairy is rather small for all it must hold. We always wear clogs there. I do not know what we should do without them when the floor is so wet and dirty; and … Continue reading

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We Have Started a Book Club – Saturday November 1900

We have started a book club. Each member buys a monthly or a weekly magazine and one book in the year, and these are sent round from house to house. It is not so interesting as I expected, for the … Continue reading

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Dream of Picture Garden – Friday November 1900

It is dark now in the mornings when we rise; the beginning of those long months of morning labour in the dark, which is one of the disagreeables of farm life. I go out to out to see if there … Continue reading

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Feminine Perplexity – Thursday November 1900

Eternal feminine perplexity: Market-day. Butter and eggs are, unfortunately, for our purse, becoming light to handle. The eternal feminine perplexity of dress. Is it going to rain, or is it not? Shall we put on an old hat and skirt, … Continue reading

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