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The Passing of Margaret

By JB For more than four months she had borne pain, weakness and extreme weariness with a calm determined courage that was a marvel to all who visited her in the bare hospital ward. And now she has passed beyond … Continue reading

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Obituary by the Editor – March 1925

Readers of The Scottish Farmer throughout the world will learn with profound regret that “Margaret” (formerly “Gretchen”), the writer of our “Household” column, has passed away. Miss Shanks had been confined to a nursing establishment since October last. She underwent … Continue reading

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Margaret, Spinster, Dies (March 7 1925)

Nancy (McNeilage’s daughter) writes: “ … I have been greatly grieved to learn that “Margaret” died suddenly early on Sabbath morning. For the last four months, Margaret has been lying in Whitehaven Infirmary, making a slow and tedious recovery from … Continue reading

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Suicide at 14 – February 1923

Most of us have been discussing the poignant tragedy of the suicide of a boy of 14 at a public school in the South of England where he was taken to task and kicked by two bigger boys because of … Continue reading

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The Ball that Gave Comfort – January 1921

Dear Ailie. It is very queer about that ball bursting because I am sure you would be taking great care of it. Father should have asked, “Who burst the ball?” And the one who did it should go without a … Continue reading

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The Bol that Bust – January 1921

One of the articles in the Christmas box I sent (to the children) was, of course, a ball. It was not a football, nor a cricket ball, these being too dear — but a large bouncing rubber ball. I knew … Continue reading

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Giving that Makes Happiness – January 1920

It is a pretty custom  — the exchanging of gifts at Christmas — if we could afford to do it in a simple way without too anxious counting of the cost. It is especially good for the children to be … Continue reading

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Indescreet Wives – January 1912

Many an hour have I sat and listened with wonder to the indiscreet tales from wives of the lack of wisdom fathers have shown in the treatment of their offspring, all tending to bring into relief the loving and unerring … Continue reading

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Christmas Present – December 1923

A reader remarked to me one day that I had given no hints on the great business of Christmas presents. There were two reasons for this neglect: — One, that my circumstances have not been favourable during the last few … Continue reading

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The Travelling Talker – December 1922

There is nothing like talk for developing the mind said a school master to me. Children should be encouraged to talk with their parents especially at meal-times. The difficulty I have with my boys is that few of them can … Continue reading

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