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Ducks take a Dive at Market – Thursday December 1900

We were going to drive to market to-day, partly because of those ducks. But through the night, there was a hurricane of a wind and rain and in the morning a waste of waters. The river had not been so … Continue reading

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Stitching up the Poultry – December 1900

We have been dressing ducks for the market and the fluff of them is all over the house and when, I wonder, shall I get the smell out of my finger nails. You must understand, I had a subordinate position … Continue reading

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Keenly Alive Fox – Wednesday November 1900

This might have been an easy day but for some sickness among the stock. There is gruel to make and much walking to and fro, out and in. Two feminine heads are not equal to one male but they are … Continue reading

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A Morning of Interruptions – August 1917

It was an intensely hot morning, and I was grating suet and preparing vegetables on a stone sconce out of doors. The bleating of sheep, and the soft scurrying of their woolly forms, just beyond the burn, reminded me that … Continue reading

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Ducklings Cry Wee Wee Wee – Monday July 1901

A brood of young ducklings have a naughty habit of wandering in my lady’s garden. They themselves are not very destructive but the same cannot be said of their industrious and affectionate mother. They wriggle through the side garden while … Continue reading

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Saturday – The Weary and Repentant Duck – June 1903

One of the wandering ducks has returned (see Thursday’s post), weary and repentant, the under part of her body white and clean and the upper all red from contact with iron ore, mines of which line the banks of our … Continue reading

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Thursday – Disappearing Ducks – June 1903

The ducks have acquired undue importance by disappearing. In dry weather, our shallow ponds evaporate. The ducks wander away and , if they find their way to the river, the chances are that they will not return. Our little flock … Continue reading

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