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Humans without Hips or Waists – February 1925

A friend of mine recently received a catalogue from a London firm of ladies’ tailors or costumiers accompanied by a letter. In this, they expressed their regret that they had not received any of her esteemed orders for the last … Continue reading

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Furs for Fashion – December 1911

Wearing more expensive furs seems more noticeable than 10 or 20 years ago. Our mothers and grandmothers got “sets” of sables which lasted one lifetime and were cut up for the adornment of the next generation: I have a distinct … Continue reading

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Rabbit Fur – November 1922

The rabbit’s skin provides a great variety of fur for the market. It is dressed and clipped to various lengths of hair and dyed every shade of brown, mole or gray. Even the manner in which the skins are pieced … Continue reading

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The Shawl – May 1921

The shawl is still the main head dress of women in all corners of the earth. When it is a small square made of cotton or muslin, we may call it a handkerchief if we choose but that does not … Continue reading

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Boys in Petticoats – April 1914

In engravings and pictures of olden times there are to be seen quite biggish boys in petticoats with only the jacket and the cropped heads to distinguish them from their sisters. I have been told of my grandfather — or … Continue reading

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Spring and Summer Fashions – April 1923

A British ex-officer, Captain Molyneux, has established a dress salon in Paris and succeeded in placing himself in the front rank of dress designers. It is not a new trade for him as he was a designer for a French … Continue reading

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Night Caps – March 1912

I have a dim recollection of my own mother tying on her night cap before the fire and caressing it down over her ears but that is in the far off days of my childhood. It is a common instinct … Continue reading

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Silk Underwear and “Puddings” – February 1917

A party of us were discussing the difficulty of restricting our expenditure and so finding more for the War Loan when one said, “I don’t think it is people like us who can be expected to do much but there’s … Continue reading

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Falling Boots and Clogs – Wednesday December 1900

We have a man living in the house of solid sober habits who rises uncalled at the unearthly hour of five o’clock each morning and, of course he wakens everybody else with his heavy tread for our hired men sleep … Continue reading

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Changing Underclothes? – December 1904

How often should flannel underclothing be washed? The obvious answer to that question is “whenever it is dirty.” The common rule for families which do not employ a laundry maid is to change the under linen once a week. Duchesses … Continue reading

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