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Humans without Hips or Waists – February 1925

A friend of mine recently received a catalogue from a London firm of ladies’ tailors or costumiers accompanied by a letter. In this, they expressed their regret that they had not received any of her esteemed orders for the last … Continue reading

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Faults, But Not Grave – February 1924

With all its noble opportunities of love and service and practical guidance of the social evolution of the race, we must admit that in the home life of the domestic woman lie many dangers of narrowness of mind and of … Continue reading

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Private Room in the House – January 1924

To-day my newspaper gives a photograph of the private room set apart in the House of Commons for the use of our eight women members. This places them in a relationship to each other closer than that imposed upon male … Continue reading

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Beginning of the Land Army – January 1917

Some weeks ago, the Women’s National Land Service Corps laid a scheme before the Board of Agriculture for the recruiting of an army of women for the land. The suggestion was that the voluntary methods hitherto followed have resulted in … Continue reading

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Women’s Place on the Farm – November 1923

The opening lecture of the Glasgow and West of Scotland Agricultural Discussion Society for season 1923-24 was held on Wednesday evening in the Bible Training Institute, Bothwell Street, Glasgow, when Miss Margaret Shanks, Gosforth, Cumberland, or as she is more … Continue reading

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Not Such an Easy Time – Friday October 1907

Our girls are told to hurry up with their usual work, as they will probably both be wanted outside in the afternoon; but alas! they couldn’t apparently “go past their step.” The only time they move alertly is when they … Continue reading

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Elderly Woman Smoker – September 1924

It was in the stone-flagged hall of the old Tudor House at Wembley that I nearly collided with a young man hastening in the opposite direction to myself with a lighted match in his hand. We both dodged to left … Continue reading

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Selfish Smoking Travellers – September 1924

Two young mothers, exchanging notes on the age and weight of their infants, had left me alone in a railway carriage to resume my perusal of the morning’s criticisms of the Geneva speeches. Then a young man entered and prepared … Continue reading

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Football for Girls – September 1920

We read that football teams for girls are being formed in various parts of the country and the illustrated pages of the dailies is enlivened by pictures of young women clad in short wide trousers and striped jerseys enjoying themselves … Continue reading

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Discussion Between the Sexes – July 1920

(Nancy Astor was the first female MP in the British Parliament, elected in 1919. This is an interesting perspective from Margaret) Among men, it is a common criticism of our first lady MP that she has “chipped in” too much. … Continue reading

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