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Obituary Notice in Whitehaven News – MARCH 5th 1925

Arrangements were in hand for her removal to Glenholm Nursing Home during the period of convalescence but late on Saturday evening, a relapse ensued and Miss Shanks passed away somewhat suddenly. The only daughter of the late James and Margaret … Continue reading

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Margaret, Spinster, Dies (March 7 1925)

Nancy (McNeilage’s daughter) writes: “ … I have been greatly grieved to learn that “Margaret” died suddenly early on Sabbath morning. For the last four months, Margaret has been lying in Whitehaven Infirmary, making a slow and tedious recovery from … Continue reading

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The Household – February 21st 1925

As “Margaret”is not keeping so well this week, writes “Nancy, ”I am taking her place in the Household column, and here I sit with my feet on a footstool, wondering what to write to you about….

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In a Train with Funeral Party – February 1924

I walked almost the whole length of a long train before I came to a third-class compartment that was not marked “Smoking.” There was a woman already seated in it, and she remarked as I sat down, “Although it isn’t … Continue reading

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Complacency of Cellar Living – February 1922

Only the other day I was talking with a woman — not yet very old —who remembers when there was a considerable population living in the cellars of the town in which she lived as a child. “They are all … Continue reading

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Old Age and Being a Burden – January 1925

Of late I have been pondering much on the word “home” and what it stands for in our thoughts and language. We have the Nursing Home, Home for Cripples, Home for the Incurable, Maternity Home, Home for the Blind, Home … Continue reading

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Christmas in a Hospital Ward – January 1925

Christmas decorations are a great feature in all hospitals at this season (those in England at any rate). Discussion and preparations begin weeks in advance and there is rivalry between the different wards as to which should achieve the most … Continue reading

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To Interest and Instruct – January 1899

You know I cannot have a practical knowledge of everything, so I make it part of my business to learn by reading about many things that will interest and instruct you. You would scarcely believe, how difficult it is to … Continue reading

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Larks Tongues – January 1921

In a certain trade gazette, under food prices, larks were recently quoted at 4s a dozen. One knew that larks were a favourite dish in Italy but it was a shock to learn there was a market for them among … Continue reading

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New Years Resolution – January 1921

Our correspondent, in Wonderland, sometimes achieves rather good imitations of Lewis Carroll in the Children’s Newspaper. In the Christmas week it was rather poor although it began well. “About this time of the year,” said the Mad Hatter, on whom … Continue reading

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