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Pride of Sex – January 1911

A gangrel buddy came to the door accompanied by a mongrel dog. “It’s a’ the company I hae,” he said, “unless ah tak a wife. “Ye’ll be thinking it’s hardly worth my while noo, mistress, eh? Ah could hae got … Continue reading

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Quality of Numbers – December 1924

The mystery of numbers must soon have attracted man in his earliest development. Two hands, and not one only and each hand has its divisions. One notes the puzzle and the realisation of this struggling in the growing mind of … Continue reading

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Christmas Present – December 1923

A reader remarked to me one day that I had given no hints on the great business of Christmas presents. There were two reasons for this neglect: — One, that my circumstances have not been favourable during the last few … Continue reading

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Margaret’s Illness – November 1924

(November 15, 1924. Page 1427) “Margaret” has undergone a second operation. She is progressing as well as could be looked for. Ed. The SF.

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Late Roses – October 1921

Reports come from all over the country of the remarkable display of mid summer flowers still to be seen to perfection in our gardens. Indeed in most districts where I have been travelling, roses are finer in colour and form … Continue reading

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Autumn Berries – October 1921

There is this year a great abundance of autumn berries dying the hedgeways crimson.  There was very little hawthorn blossom in the north but the haws are conspicuous —- even abundant — in the south . There is the deepest … Continue reading

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Incurable Public Untidiness – September 1924

In spite of the continued appeals to the people to cultivate tidiness in public places, one sees everywhere the most inexcusable litter disfiguring the ground. I sat on a chair at Wembley and watched a man with a long-handled fork … Continue reading

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Buses Bring to the Village – June 1923

Oh, the ‘bus, the ‘bus! We had been complaining that our particular rural district was so much on the way to nowhere — that it would never pay to run a daily ‘bus service. And we ourselves grumbled that the … Continue reading

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Consumption of a Teetotaller – June 1917

At the tea table, as he helps himself to the fourth, fifth, or sixth ounce of bread, the total abstainer remarks, “If beer is as necessary to the poor man as bread, I am entitled to an extra slice or … Continue reading

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Advice to Eat Slowly – June 1917

We are being told that if we eat slowly and masticate our bread until it becomes sweet in the mouth, we may get as much nourishment out of two thirds of the food we now swallow hastily. A story is … Continue reading

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