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Homelines of a Living Room – February 1919

I am going to describe the living room in a workman’s cottage I was privileged to enter. From the back-door, first one entered the scullery, where there was a porcelain sink, a bath, a gas stove and a gas-plate for … Continue reading

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Loving and Hating – February 1901

In the schools in and about London, essays and examination papers upon the present war have been sent to the children from time to time. From these, 1500 have been taken and interesting results given. The girls enlarge upon the … Continue reading

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That Umbrella – Saturday January 1902

Oh the muddy skirts and the muddier boots! The roads are in their nastiest condition. The tenacious mud, after a thaw, lifts at every step and somehow we always seem to be carrying things and to have no hand at … Continue reading

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To Earth by Cart of Geese – Saturday December 1900

In this morning’s paper there is a map of the Orange River District. It is about time. I have been driven half distracted by the effort to follow the windings and turnings of De Wet, Knox and Co., on maps … Continue reading

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Thursday – Trivial, Frivolous but Interesting – April 1901

It is only the most trivial events of one’s life that can be chronicled in a diary. If what follows seems frivolous to some, my excuse is that others have said they like this sort of thing in print, and … Continue reading

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God is not Partisan – March 1900

The way in which God’s name is used in the present war, makes one think that most people regard the Almighty as something smaller-minded than a wise man who ranges Himself with the petty interests and more or less selfish … Continue reading

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