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End of Gretchen – May 1915

(In response to the objections to the name Gretchen. Margaret reverted to her own name) I am not sorry to lose the name of Gretchen, apart from its German birth. It is more than ten years since I suggested to … Continue reading

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Gretchen – May 1915

(By the middle of the war Margaret’s use of Gretchen as name, became increasingly unpopular) Sir, Surely the time has now come when you should issue your royal mandate that “Gretchen” should change her German name. Yours. A Patriot.

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Field Hospital Car Now a Sure Thing – April 1917

(An Update from Field Hospiltal Car “Ere Long” – March 1917) The field Hospital Car is a sure thing now. During the week the fund had been augmented by no less a sum than £188 5s.

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Public Kitchen to Feed all Classes – April 1917

The Food Control Department is going to establish in Central London a large public kitchen to assist in the national economy of food. It is hoped by this means to enable thousands of people to keep within the rations, and … Continue reading

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Women and Agricultural Work – April 1915

(Not part of the Shanks column) A scheme which has the support of the Scottish Board of Agriculture, has been devised by the Scottish Committee on Women’s Employment with a view to facilitating the recruiting of female labour for farm … Continue reading

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Number 2 SF Motor Ambulance Car – April 1916

We use the plural now. At the moment of writing (Wednesday at noon) the fund stands at £1160 2s 11d. No 2 car was fixed upon earlier than we had anticipated. It is a “Wolseley” Car and has been secured … Continue reading

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Field Hospiltal Car “Ere Long” – March 1917

We aim to provide a field hospital car before the year closes. We require to that end £1300 and, up to date of writing, we have secured £684 13s 8d. This shows we are getting along the right way and, … Continue reading

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The Scottish Farmer Ambulance Car – March 1916

The majority of our readers will, I trust, be pleased to learn that we have at last opened a subscription list for the purchase of a motor ambulance, to be named after this paper. The delay was caused by a … Continue reading

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Sweet and Low – February 1918

Not a new version, I should have said, but a new application. When I heard the munitions girls last week in St Andrews Halls singing Tennyson’s lullaby I thought I had never realised so fully before the pathos underlying the … Continue reading

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Now a Field Hospital Car – February 1917

(An update from X-Ray Field Hospital Car)) We are going ahead with the £1300 required for the field hospital car. This week’s contributions indicate an addition of £45 16s and the new fund now stands at £511 6s 5d. It … Continue reading

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