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Glimpses of Colouring – January 1922

Many a winter’s day gives us glimpses often unexpected — of rich colouring that are all the more attractive because there is no hint in them of summer or spring or autumn. When the recent heavy rainclouds broke and scattered … Continue reading

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Snow on Scafell – October 1923

It was extremely mild, not to say muggy, over the week-end. Then, on Wednesday, the wind blue keenly from the East and somebody said “there’s snow on the fells.” It had been raining heavily all day and, when I looked … Continue reading

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Sow and Pigs Neglected – Saturday October 1907

Torrents of rain, and, unfortunately, the grain was not all secured last night. The men threshed and crushed corn and we set our house in order. It was found that the sow and pigs had been neglected when the other … Continue reading

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Autumn Morning – October 1923

It had rained, of course, through the night, and morning had not wiped her tears away when the thrush began to sing. There are many birds, notably the blackbird, which are most moved to exuberant song by mild moisture. Not … Continue reading

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Late Roses – October 1921

Reports come from all over the country of the remarkable display of mid summer flowers still to be seen to perfection in our gardens. Indeed in most districts where I have been travelling, roses are finer in colour and form … Continue reading

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To the Byre over Humplocks – September 1924

It was the early afternoon milking hour on a Sunday when one may take a daun’er round the buildings with an easy conscience, and I thought I should like to have a peep at Princess — a 1000 gallon cow … Continue reading

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The Cost of Water – September 1921

As I write, the water cart, attended by two men and a boy, passes on its way to the one remaining pond that is not totally dried up. That is slowly but surely becoming a lake of mud. I went … Continue reading

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New Inventions Not to Blame – July 1924

Many people are questioning the causes for the continued rain and low temperature of this summer, and find an answer in the electric disturbance of the atmosphere brought about by broadcasting. But does broadcasting cause disturbance? Only men deeply learned … Continue reading

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Contrasting Views – May 1924

It was the second really warm day of May, and I found an aged woman leaning on the parapet of a rustic bridge and gazing at the water beneath, wimpling over the grey stones between its primrose starred banks. “Isn’t … Continue reading

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The May Cow Quake – May 1923

There is an old saying meant as a caution against putting cows out to grass too early that, after the 12th May, comes a cow quake. A quake that is like to be memorable arrived just before the 12th and … Continue reading

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