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Contrasting Views – May 1924

It was the second really warm day of May, and I found an aged woman leaning on the parapet of a rustic bridge and gazing at the water beneath, wimpling over the grey stones between its primrose starred banks. “Isn’t … Continue reading

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The May Cow Quake – May 1923

There is an old saying meant as a caution against putting cows out to grass too early that, after the 12th May, comes a cow quake. A quake that is like to be memorable arrived just before the 12th and … Continue reading

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Nature Notes – May 1921

Everything is remarkably early and of trees only the ash is not in full leaf. There is very little May blossom, only a scanty spray here and there, but it is fully opened and by June 1, it will be … Continue reading

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Saturday – Withering Winds – June 1903

The dry, withering winds continue. Some young ash trees growing in a rocky declivity behind the house are drooping their leaves. One looks almost dead, and others are very woebegone. Our strawberry bed is a melancholy sight; half of the … Continue reading

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March borrowed from April – March 1904

March borrowed from April Three days and they were ill The first o’ them was win’ and weet The next o’ them was snow and sleet The third o’ them was sic a freeze as garred the birds stick to … Continue reading

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Signs of the Season – March 1902

Outside, the vivid green of the fields is dimmed by falling sleet and the back fells — when we get a glimpse of them through the shroud of cloud — are white. Across an angry lowring sky, the black-headed gulls … Continue reading

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