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Obituary by the Editor – March 1925

Readers of The Scottish Farmer throughout the world will learn with profound regret that “Margaret” (formerly “Gretchen”), the writer of our “Household” column, has passed away. Miss Shanks had been confined to a nursing establishment since October last. She underwent … Continue reading

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Death of Two Sisters – January 1908

Two notable sisters connected with Ayrshire farming recently passed away. On the last day of 1907, Mrs Robert Barr, of South Craig, Kilmarnock, died in her 68th year and on 19th January, her sister, Mrs. Alex Sloan, Greenhill, Crosshouse, passed … Continue reading

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Communal Porridge – January 1909

In an English daily newspaper recently I read of a young man who had given up a situation on a Morayshire farm because his employer expected him to take porridge and milk out of a large basin from which several … Continue reading

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Hughoc, Davoc and Peggoc – January 1901

If the suffix oc (not necessarily a diminutive) be peculiar to Burns and Ayrshire then its significance cannot be perfectly appreciated outside that county. It is familiar, humorous, tender, sometimes irate. The mother speaks of “oor Hughoc” when she is … Continue reading

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Troublesome Cows – November 1921

A week ago, I had the privilege of hearing Sir Robert Greig speaking at a conference of women’s institute delegates and members in the north of England. In giving illustrations of the human tendency to laziness of mind to repeating … Continue reading

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Show Vessel Ayrshire Cows – November 1914

Mr Crawford’s remarks on the “show vessel” of the Ayrshire cow brings to my mind poignant memories of my girlhood. We started with an Ayrshire herd in Cumberland because my mother was of opinion that there was no cow to … Continue reading

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Fun at a H’ystack Bedgoon – November 1903

Some twinges of indigestion following the eating of hallowe’en nuts were the cause of us having bread and milk (Scots: loaf saps) to supper. This recalled to one of the party ancient memories of similar suppers at haystack threshing on … Continue reading

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The Parritch Luggie – September 1907

An article in Country Life last week recalled to my mind the wooden bowls I have seen used in farm kitchens in my childhood. There was the meal-bowl placed on the wide hob every morning and evening, from which the … Continue reading

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Keeping the Sawbath Day Holy – August 1901

Well do I remember in the days of my childhood staying in an Ayrshire farm house. We had been to the kirk in the forenoon and when the kye were milked and turned out we “walkit oot tae view the … Continue reading

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Easiness of Haymarking – July 1917

A war worker, somewhat wearied of the dirt of the turnip field, looked over the hedge at the fragrant hay being tossed into mounds and told me in confidence she thought she could manage that easily. I do not know … Continue reading

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