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Left to Mind the Baby – Wednesday October 1908

At waking time, another tempestuous sky and a “blatter of a shoo’er.” Our thoughts flew to the ungathered barley but a strong breeze soon scattered the clouds and we had the most splendid harvest day of the season. A rather … Continue reading

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Extra Hands to Travelling Mill – Tuesday October 1908

An alarming “hush o’ rain” disturbed our early morning’s rest, but the dawn showed a lifting sky, and the day brought a more drying wind than had been granted us for many weeks. So there was a hustle out and … Continue reading

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Topic of Jean’s Hens – October 1904

The walls of our common living room proclaim our business. A goodly frame surrounds the portraits of several prize animals. A sheet of Clydesdales and another of the photographs of noted agriculturalists are pinned on to the wall paper. Interesting … Continue reading

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