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The May Cow Quake – May 1923

There is an old saying meant as a caution against putting cows out to grass too early that, after the 12th May, comes a cow quake. A quake that is like to be memorable arrived just before the 12th and … Continue reading

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Beech-Mast – November 1922

The beech trees this autumn are a wonderful sight. On some of them the nuts or masts are almost as plentiful as the leaves and on a cursory glance the tree thereby loses some of its slender grace and assumes … Continue reading

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The Trees in Fog – November 1922

At a little distance, a hundred yards away, the trees were grey and shadowy clumps, muffled in white fog. “The colour of them will not show up to-day was my inward reflection, thinking of the bronze of the beech and … Continue reading

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