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Birds on a Foggy Morning – January 1925

It is a foggy morning and still the smoke goes up largely from chimneys of factories and houses. The starlings wheel in small flocks over the chimneys towards the shoulder of a rounded hill which is the landward side of … Continue reading

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Autumn Morning – October 1923

It had rained, of course, through the night, and morning had not wiped her tears away when the thrush began to sing. There are many birds, notably the blackbird, which are most moved to exuberant song by mild moisture. Not … Continue reading

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Enchanted Wood at Blossoming – June 1918

(Margaret was great observer of children. Here’s another column on her nieces and nephews) There is a wood in which, strange to say, I had never set foot. It is beyond the “top dam,” and is fenced off in a … Continue reading

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In an Essex Farm Garden – June 1922

I am writing this in an Essex farm garden and I am not likely to forget that I am in a southern county for the ardour of the sun, the quality of the atmosphere, the character of the crops, the … Continue reading

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Not an Amiable and Yielding Family – Friday September 1900

Churning, washing and marketing days are over. The tension relaxes a little for the rest of the week. We may be just as busy but our labour is more the elective kind and not so urgent. These fine September days … Continue reading

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Sunday – Chorus of Three – July 1901

Waking early. For several mornings have got into the habit of waking at early dawn. Some weeks ago, at that hour there could be heard through the open window such a full-throated chorale of triumphantly happy birds that one was … Continue reading

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