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Scott and Burns – January 1921

It is the burning patriotism, the family loyalty and the pride of race which endear Burns and Scott to us. In especial, the soul of Burns was steeped through and through with Scottish sentiment. On the surface, the great ambition … Continue reading

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The Lea Rig Again – April 1921

“Anglo-Scot” may again ask, “Why all this pother about the lea-rig?” The answer is simple. A reader some weeks ago wrote to the effect that he and others had engaged in discussion on the exact meaning of the term, could … Continue reading

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Crooning Over Burns – December 1900

It may seem odd to be suggesting to a circle of Scotch farming folks that they should familiarise their minds with the poems of Burns but the suggestion is not out of place to the younger generation who are mostly … Continue reading

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Faytherless Kale and Sowens – December 1894

“Wi’ sweet milk cheese in monie a whang, An farls baked wi’butter Fu crump that day.”  Burns. Our diet is at all times of infinite importance, for do not we work chiefly that we may eat; and do not Governments … Continue reading

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Burns – Worst Farmer – May 1896

Burns stands in the peculiar relation to the class from which he sprang in that he is at once its crowning glory and its deepest shame; for while he sang of the peasant’s life so that half of the world … Continue reading

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