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Ways of Spreading of Butter – April 1917

There is a careful and there is a wasteful way of spreading butter on bread. The Cumberland way I have always thought very wasteful. It is vigorously scraped and worked into the cut side of the loaf, and then the … Continue reading

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That Umbrella – Saturday January 1902

Oh the muddy skirts and the muddier boots! The roads are in their nastiest condition. The tenacious mud, after a thaw, lifts at every step and somehow we always seem to be carrying things and to have no hand at … Continue reading

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Getting an Umbrella Repaired – Thusday January 1902

As we are able at present to sell all the butter and eggs in the house, it is not necessary for one of us to go to market. This convenience has its little inconveniences for we used to get our … Continue reading

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The “Whummlet’t” Chicken – Monday December 1902

One of our laying chickens shows unmistakeable symptoms of a desire to sit, and we have had to”whummle’t.” We discover that, owing to a succession of petty circumstances, we are out of all varieties of biscuits, cakes, buns etc, and … Continue reading

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Oh, For a Stove in the Dairy – Thursday December 1902

It would be very helpful if we could have a stove in our dairy; not only for the sake of the ripening of the cream, but for comfort and expedition on churning days. How quickly the butter froze into a … Continue reading

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First Day of Real Winter – December 1904

It is not that the early arrival of winter with such bitterness and force was unusual, or that we have had no experience of churning in a blizzard but we had been dreaming of summer and almost preparing for spring. … Continue reading

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Feminine Perplexity – Thursday November 1900

Eternal feminine perplexity: Market-day. Butter and eggs are, unfortunately, for our purse, becoming light to handle. The eternal feminine perplexity of dress. Is it going to rain, or is it not? Shall we put on an old hat and skirt, … Continue reading

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Illegitimate Competition – Thursday October 1900

There are plenty of shops, plenty of butter, plenty of everything in our market town; but a new shop is opened by the Maypole Dairy Co., advertising “dairy” butter at ls and 1d per lb and, with each lb the … Continue reading

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Indian Summer- Monday September 1902

Surely, the Indian Summer has come. Such a warm dreamy brightness, with a benignant caress in the air. The binder is off to the wheat field. If I have an hour’s writing to do, I like to be outside, partly … Continue reading

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Always a Bustling Morning – Thursday Sepetember 1900

Market — and literature –day. Always a bustling morning, although not so bad as in the depth of winter, when there is so much to be done before daylight. Whether we drive or go by train — we are fortunately … Continue reading

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