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Mr Fox “A Woeful Sight” – Wednesday September 1900

Last night, my window being wide open and some hen houses within a child’s stone throw, I heard a determined scratching on the wooden doors. “Aha! Mr Fox,” thought I. “ You may scratch but you’ll not get in.” I … Continue reading

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Churning, Dinner and Alterations – Tuesday September 1900

This morning’s butter would not get full marks. We don’t call it “soft” but it is not so firm to the touch as we should like. The churn was scalded and then rinsed with cold water — and the mornings … Continue reading

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Sorting Out Home Finances – Saturday July 1901

Exceedingly sultry day. Too hot to work in the garden. There is no sale for gooseberries and what we stew and boil has no appreciable effect upon loaded bushes. They must hang till they are ripe and what a good … Continue reading

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Back-Boards and Gymnastics – July 1899

I heard an amusing story the other day about a boarding school girl home for the holidays. You know it is now the fashion to have a gymnasium instead of a back board for growing girls. This miss was seen … Continue reading

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Tuesday – Howling Resentful Assistance – June 1903

Butter easy to work and keeping well up in quantity. If the grass is not too plentiful, it is rich in quality. A small toddler of the family was anxious to assist in the dairy; stirring salt into the cream, … Continue reading

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Tuesday – Maid and Silent Milking Machine – June 1903

The butter is beautifully stiff this morning; the cream in the pots stood at 52 1/2 deg., the dairy itself at 53 to 54 degrees. Customers are sending for pots to get filled for winter while the price is low. … Continue reading

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Thursday – Disappearing Ducks – June 1903

The ducks have acquired undue importance by disappearing. In dry weather, our shallow ponds evaporate. The ducks wander away and , if they find their way to the river, the chances are that they will not return. Our little flock … Continue reading

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Long Distance Walking – May 1903

The present craze for competitions for long distance walking reminds the old people of days when country folk must walk if they would get about at all. This was when there were few railways, no coaches in rural neighbourhoods, few … Continue reading

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Thursday – Rampy Butter – May 1902

There is a theory that the full flavour of butter does not mature till the full second day. I have no palate for these fine distinctions but I did feel that our butter to-day has a delicious grass flavour. This … Continue reading

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Wednesday – Butter Tasting – May 1902

We felt pleased with our butter when 121lbs were weighed out of one churn this morning. We are the more pleased with the quantity because the price has continued high all spring and is at present higher — 1s 2d … Continue reading

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