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Death of a Prairie Chicken – February 1910

(Not to be put off by her critics over Killing the Turkeys, Margaret posted this story) One day I chanced to be relating to some town friends the story of the killing of the turkeys and, after laughing heartily, one … Continue reading

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Last Day of a Feathered Ruler – January1906

This is the brief chronicle of the last day of the chief ruler of the feathered harem. He had become too cocky and we decided to give him a taste of the oven. The mistress and one of the girls … Continue reading

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Cock-Chickens to London – Friday 1902

A few days ago, we sent the last of our cock-chickens to London. The hen chickens of that brood — six of them — are all laying fine brown eggs —- one of them lays a double-yoked egg — and … Continue reading

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Asked Out – Friday September 1902

This is the weather and the season when, if one is asked out to tea or any other function, the reply has to be that we will go if it is wet but, if it is dry, we must stay … Continue reading

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