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Christmas in a Hospital Ward – January 1925

Christmas decorations are a great feature in all hospitals at this season (those in England at any rate). Discussion and preparations begin weeks in advance and there is rivalry between the different wards as to which should achieve the most … Continue reading

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The Bol that Bust – January 1921

One of the articles in the Christmas box I sent (to the children) was, of course, a ball. It was not a football, nor a cricket ball, these being too dear — but a large bouncing rubber ball. I knew … Continue reading

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Giving that Makes Happiness – January 1920

It is a pretty customĀ  — the exchanging of gifts at Christmas — if we could afford to do it in a simple way without too anxious counting of the cost. It is especially good for the children to be … Continue reading

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Christmas Present – December 1923

A reader remarked to me one day that I had given no hints on the great business of Christmas presents. There were two reasons for this neglect: — One, that my circumstances have not been favourable during the last few … Continue reading

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In Defence of ” Farmers Wife” January 1910

(Margaret obviously wasn’tĀ  afraid of causing controversy. In the previous post she defended herself strongly, however the letters continued coming in) Letter to the editor: Might I ask a few lines of space in your valuable paper to defend the … Continue reading

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Happiest and Saddest Christmas – December 1918

To millions of human beings, this will be the happiest Christmas and New Year of their experience, and to at least as many millions, it will be the saddest. In our own country, the homes whose fathers and sons are … Continue reading

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Christmass Happiness Fades – December 1905

The real happiness of Christmas for children lies in the anticipation. The dusk of early morning to eager young eyes is full of fairy possibilities; the feeble flutter of a candle is iridescent of fairyland. The cheap and showy articles … Continue reading

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Enjoyment of a Contrivance – Saturday December 1902

If this frost continues, we shall have skating soon. A caller from a farm a few miles distant tells us that the fells are white. The lower hills press so near upon us that the mountains are quite hidden from … Continue reading

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Cock-Chickens to London – Friday 1902

A few days ago, we sent the last of our cock-chickens to London. The hen chickens of that brood — six of them — are all laying fine brown eggs —- one of them lays a double-yoked egg — and … Continue reading

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Solidarity at Christmas – December 1905

It is strange to learn that the observance of Christmas, which for four centuries was discountenanced in Scotland, was previous to the Reformation, more of a national festival in that country than in England. It began, by solemn proclamation, on … Continue reading

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