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Blades and Rabbits – September 1924

If the tractor kept in a good humour they were hoping to finish cutting one field of oats and tares, and to start with another before dusk, so that all would be in order for a good run next day. … Continue reading

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New Inventions Not to Blame – July 1924

Many people are questioning the causes for the continued rain and low temperature of this summer, and find an answer in the electric disturbance of the atmosphere brought about by broadcasting. But does broadcasting cause disturbance? Only men deeply learned … Continue reading

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Under the Moon – January 1910

It was Christmas night, and a party of us went out to shut up the hens. There had been a slight thaw, which melted the surface snow and spread a sheet of ice over the roads and the hollows in … Continue reading

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Moss Litter in “Somebody’s” Desk – Monday January 1902

The charm of this climate of ours is undeniable. “Custom cannot stale its infinite variety.” The sky cloudless, the landscape powdered white with frost, and the sun shining benignantly from its rise till its setting; whitening our clothes on the … Continue reading

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Foretelling the Weather – September 1898

This summer, when the weather has changed so often and so suddenly we have had many opportunities of watching in nature the signs of change. Many signs are local or at least vary in degree with locality. A greater or … Continue reading

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How the Drought Broke – August 1921

From accounts of the exhausting and long continued spell of heat, I was afraid to go South, and was agreeably surprised to find the air become cooler as the train sped through the parched country. So cool was it that … Continue reading

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