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Blades and Rabbits – September 1924

If the tractor kept in a good humour they were hoping to finish cutting one field of oats and tares, and to start with another before dusk, so that all would be in order for a good run next day. … Continue reading

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Choosy Cows and Buttercups – June 1923

To-day I was watching the cows feeding in a meadow golden with buttercups. One of them was lightly flicking off the flower heads into her mouth. She continued to do this for a minute or two, then settled to the … Continue reading

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An Outing with Cattle – June 1920

“Did you know I am going with Ooie tomorrow with a load of young cattle.  Father says it is 16 miles and we will be off before you are out of bed. Aha! ” And the 11-year-old put his head … Continue reading

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The May Cow Quake – May 1923

There is an old saying meant as a caution against putting cows out to grass too early that, after the 12th May, comes a cow quake. A quake that is like to be memorable arrived just before the 12th and … Continue reading

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A Scottish Byre Lamp – Saturday 1902

A letter this morning from a friend in Paris, with a very tempting suggestion that I might join her in a pension there. It would be so good for my health, physical and mental, she says. The lectures delightful, the … Continue reading

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Troublesome Cows – November 1921

A week ago, I had the privilege of hearing Sir Robert Greig speaking at a conference of women’s institute delegates and members in the north of England. In giving illustrations of the human tendency to laziness of mind to repeating … Continue reading

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Show Vessel Ayrshire Cows – November 1914

Mr Crawford’s remarks on the “show vessel” of the Ayrshire cow brings to my mind poignant memories of my girlhood. We started with an Ayrshire herd in Cumberland because my mother was of opinion that there was no cow to … Continue reading

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Friday – Finding Space in Our Small Dairy – July 1903

Three of us sat round the dairy sconces discussing where would be the best place to put our cream. Our dairy is just about a third of the size it ought to be. It is a comparatively new building too … Continue reading

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Curing a Boy of Mischief – June 1895

I should like a recipe to kill or cure a boy of mischief. We have taken one on to milk the cow and tend the pony. He immediately sticks a finger in a sawmill and gets crushed and has done … Continue reading

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Sunday – A Visit from “Rustlers?” – June 1903

Summer Sundays are the great days of trespass. It is on these days chiefly that the gates are left open for the cattle and horses to stray. In the evening, three bits of lads came to the house with three … Continue reading

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