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The Passing of Margaret

By JB For more than four months she had borne pain, weakness and extreme weariness with a calm determined courage that was a marvel to all who visited her in the bare hospital ward. And now she has passed beyond … Continue reading

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Picking Fruit in Sussex – July 1924

They are telling me that there will be no Household column this week if I do as many boilings of fruit as I am planning for to-day and to-morrow. It is extraordinary how we all ignore the lessons of experience … Continue reading

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Boy Scouts Camp – June 1921

We had a company of Boy Scouts camping up here for a fortnight and I went up to see them. I would wish you were with me. They were encamped on the fell side, close to a farm you know, … Continue reading

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Picking Primroses – March 1924

A friend of mine has left the country and gone to live in a city where, in spring-time, she misses the lanes and woods, with their lovely blossoms pushing their way through the winter-bleached turf. I bethought me that she … Continue reading

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Lying Outside in Winter Sunshine – February 1901

On Sunday last, of blessed memory, the sun shone with a brilliancy unknown to summer. After we had washed up the dinner dishes — for we had no maid that day — I longed to go out into the fields … Continue reading

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Sitting by the Flowers with Baby – Friday September 1902

(The bay described here would have been my Great Uncle Hugh born in 1902. Otherwise known as brown eyes in later posts) Better day and it is possible to sit outside for a little while in a rocky place where … Continue reading

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Two Hours Treacherous Delay – Monday August 1903

After the storm on Saturday night, we had a lovely Sunday; and this morning there was the sound of a reaper in one field, while in others the haycocks were being scattered to the drying winds. Could it be that … Continue reading

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Long Distance Walking – May 1903

The present craze for competitions for long distance walking reminds the old people of days when country folk must walk if they would get about at all. This was when there were few railways, no coaches in rural neighbourhoods, few … Continue reading

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The Birthday Drive – April 1911

Saturday turned out a fine day and after Brown Eyes had a few busy hours among the cattle and the lambs, with the assistance of his little sister, he drew out the small buggy into the yard and the three … Continue reading

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A little bit of context

Breaking 0ff from the regular posts from around 100 years ago, I thought that some context might be quite nice. The last two posts introduce two characters, brown eyes and blue eyes. These two little minxes were my Grandmother’s elder … Continue reading

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