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To Earth by Cart of Geese – Saturday December 1900

In this morning’s paper there is a map of the Orange River District. It is about time. I have been driven half distracted by the effort to follow the windings and turnings of De Wet, Knox and Co., on maps … Continue reading

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Ducks take a Dive at Market – Thursday December 1900

We were going to drive to market to-day, partly because of those ducks. But through the night, there was a hurricane of a wind and rain and in the morning a waste of waters. The river had not been so … Continue reading

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Foretelling the Weather – September 1898

This summer, when the weather has changed so often and so suddenly we have had many opportunities of watching in nature the signs of change. Many signs are local or at least vary in degree with locality. A greater or … Continue reading

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Greed of Ducks for Juicy Slugs – Wednesday August 1907

We were weighing young ducks this morning in the hopes that there would be another dozen ready for market, for the greed of them is beyond belief if one had no previous experience of growing ducks. And a dirty business … Continue reading

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Saturday – The Weary and Repentant Duck – June 1903

One of the wandering ducks has returned (see Thursday’s post), weary and repentant, the under part of her body white and clean and the upper all red from contact with iron ore, mines of which line the banks of our … Continue reading

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Thursday – Disappearing Ducks – June 1903

The ducks have acquired undue importance by disappearing. In dry weather, our shallow ponds evaporate. The ducks wander away and , if they find their way to the river, the chances are that they will not return. Our little flock … Continue reading

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