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Suicide at 14 – February 1923

Most of us have been discussing the poignant tragedy of the suicide of a boy of 14 at a public school in the South of England where he was taken to task and kicked by two bigger boys because of … Continue reading

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Child Labour in Agriculture – May 1915

Since August of last year, local education authorities have had the power to exempt from school attendance children whose labour is required owing to circumstances connected with the war —- that is owing to the large number of men who … Continue reading

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Woman Marine Engineer – April 1923

Recently a young woman made a sea voyage as a marine engineer. How she came to be preferred to a man is not unfolded but we are informed that she served her apprenticeship during the war years when any form … Continue reading

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Things a Girl Should Learn – January 1898

There are three things not much taught in schools that every domestic girl would be wise to learn. The first is physiology, ie., elementary knowledge of the structure of the human body, of its organs and their functions. The next … Continue reading

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Boys Needed for (Intellectual) Stimulation – December 1906

(In our less innocent age I have added “Intellectual”) During the past week, the papers have had something to say about schools in which boys and girls are educated together. Is the tendency towards co-education a good thing or bad? … Continue reading

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Who has met a “New Woman?” – September 1899

The Raider publicly and graciously approves of Gretchen’s opinions and sentiments and she in turn pays him her acknowledgments. In the same breath, he proceeds to make a rash and emphatic statement which is like to disturb this beautiful harmony … Continue reading

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Servants and Lack of Modesty – August 1897

Some people are fond of saying that the lower working classes are over-educated now and that is the reason that good servants are more difficult to get than formerly. That is a dark saying to me for we have never … Continue reading

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Problems of Reading Servants – July 1903

Many old fashioned people are convinced that servants are not so trustworthy and do not work so diligently since education has become general among the lower classes. Perhaps one hears more of this talk in England where national education is … Continue reading

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Don’t Hurt the Flowers – June 1902

There is much talk nowadays of teaching children in country schools rural subjects and a love of Nature. There is one that has been very thoroughly taught, and that is to gather bunches of flowers. The female teachers — in … Continue reading

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