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Silk Underwear and “Puddings” – February 1917

A party of us were discussing the difficulty of restricting our expenditure and so finding more for the War Loan when one said, “I don’t think it is people like us who can be expected to do much but there’s … Continue reading

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Invisible Thistles – Friday January 1902

These days I must go about with a needle in my blouse front with which to extract tiny invisible thistles from fingers which have been carrying hay and straw half the morning. They are so light covered as to be … Continue reading

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Getting an Umbrella Repaired – Thusday January 1902

As we are able at present to sell all the butter and eggs in the house, it is not necessary for one of us to go to market. This convenience has its little inconveniences for we used to get our … Continue reading

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Feminine Perplexity – Thursday November 1900

Eternal feminine perplexity: Market-day. Butter and eggs are, unfortunately, for our purse, becoming light to handle. The eternal feminine perplexity of dress. Is it going to rain, or is it not? Shall we put on an old hat and skirt, … Continue reading

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Mr Fox “A Woeful Sight” – Wednesday September 1900

Last night, my window being wide open and some hen houses within a child’s stone throw, I heard a determined scratching on the wooden doors. “Aha! Mr Fox,” thought I. “ You may scratch but you’ll not get in.” I … Continue reading

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Old Cars and Ugly Farmers – August 1924

One day I had the pleasure of looking round a rural auction mart that may not be characteristic of Sussex as it seemed unique in its way. It was held in a small rectangular piece of ground at a forked … Continue reading

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Thursday – Promise of Strawberry Netting – July 1901

Our strawberry nets were in fragmentary condition. Therefore, it was with pleasure, we read an advertisement to the effect that “well-oiled and dressed, small-meshed nets” could be procured any length and width for the modest sum of one shilling for … Continue reading

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Saturday – The Weary and Repentant Duck – June 1903

One of the wandering ducks has returned (see Thursday’s post), weary and repentant, the under part of her body white and clean and the upper all red from contact with iron ore, mines of which line the banks of our … Continue reading

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Thursday – Disappearing Ducks – June 1903

The ducks have acquired undue importance by disappearing. In dry weather, our shallow ponds evaporate. The ducks wander away and , if they find their way to the river, the chances are that they will not return. Our little flock … Continue reading

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Long Distance Walking – May 1903

The present craze for competitions for long distance walking reminds the old people of days when country folk must walk if they would get about at all. This was when there were few railways, no coaches in rural neighbourhoods, few … Continue reading

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