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Mothers and Daughters – February 1913

“A Grandmother” writes to express appreciation of the few lines I wrote two weeks ago on the subject of the daughter’s critical attitude towards her mother. This is a wide subject, and a deep one, and I could write chapters … Continue reading

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Quickly Comes Bed Time – Friday December 1900

Dirty windows and god daughter’s birthday: The windows are obscured by the fog and dirty rain and they ought to be all washed at once. But who has time to do it? I take those most easily reached and most … Continue reading

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Friday – Lambing and EE Pig Holes – April 1905

“Ca’ the yowes tae the knowes. Ca’ them whaur the burnie rowes… My bonnie dearie…” My singing, alas goes from me but all day I have been lilting that old song, almost as if I were 20 again when everything … Continue reading

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