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Grandmothers’s Story – December 1895

We children were playing round grandmother’s chair, And grannie joined in with so cheerful an air, We forgot that she wasn’t just one of ourselves And wild ran round her like frolicsome elves. At last she besought us to pause … Continue reading

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Women’s Place on the Farm – November 1923

The opening lecture of the Glasgow and West of Scotland Agricultural Discussion Society for season 1923-24 was held on Wednesday evening in the Bible Training Institute, Bothwell Street, Glasgow, when Miss Margaret Shanks, Gosforth, Cumberland, or as she is more … Continue reading

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Choosy Cows and Buttercups – June 1923

To-day I was watching the cows feeding in a meadow golden with buttercups. One of them was lightly flicking off the flower heads into her mouth. She continued to do this for a minute or two, then settled to the … Continue reading

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The Pea Pickers – June 1922

When I looked out of my bedroom window one morning I saw groups of men, women and children apparently picnicking in a field a little way off. They were standing in groups, or walking leisurely about, occasionally stooping to the … Continue reading

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An Outing with Cattle – June 1920

“Did you know I am going with Ooie tomorrow with a load of young cattle.  Father says it is 16 miles and we will be off before you are out of bed. Aha! ” And the 11-year-old put his head … Continue reading

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“Mere” Men and New Institutes – June 1917

Somebody writing in last Saturday’s issue under “Current Topics” spoke of attending the women’s meeting in Edinburgh in order to learn as “a mere man … his true position of subordination” … “now that it is settled that women are … Continue reading

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Inauguration of W.I. Meeting – June 1917

The Goold Hall, 5 St Andrew Square, Edinburgh, was packed on Wednesday afternoon when a conference to inaugurate Women’s Rural Institutes in Scotland was presided over by Sir Robert P. Wright of the Board of Agriculture. The work of organisation … Continue reading

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Harrowing at Five and a Half – June 1917

On the whole, Willie Winkie is fonder of play than of work in his holiday week, and elected to stay behind with Ailie when John was sent out with the new lads to dig up dockens. He did, to be … Continue reading

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Women and Agricultural Work – April 1915

(Not part of the Shanks column) A scheme which has the support of the Scottish Board of Agriculture, has been devised by the Scottish Committee on Women’s Employment with a view to facilitating the recruiting of female labour for farm … Continue reading

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Rural Regeneration – April 1917

Our able correspondent, Mrs Blair, has sent for my perusal two leaflets on Women’s Institutes, issued by the Agricultural Organisation Society, a body “which has been formed for the purpose of advocating the principles of co-operation amongst agriculturists in England … Continue reading

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