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Rabbit Fur – November 1922

The rabbit’s skin provides a great variety of fur for the market. It is dressed and clipped to various lengths of hair and dyed every shade of brown, mole or gray. Even the manner in which the skins are pieced … Continue reading

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Fashion of Barelegged Girls – July 1918

(not sure what to make of this one!) This has not been an ideal summer for the present fashion of bare-legged girls. But they do not have the appearance of feeling the cold. And many of us are grateful for … Continue reading

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The Shawl – May 1921

The shawl is still the main head dress of women in all corners of the earth. When it is a small square made of cotton or muslin, we may call it a handkerchief if we choose but that does not … Continue reading

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Spring and Summer Fashions – April 1923

A British ex-officer, Captain Molyneux, has established a dress salon in Paris and succeeded in placing himself in the front rank of dress designers. It is not a new trade for him as he was a designer for a French … Continue reading

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Silk Underwear and “Puddings” – February 1917

A party of us were discussing the difficulty of restricting our expenditure and so finding more for the War Loan when one said, “I don’t think it is people like us who can be expected to do much but there’s … Continue reading

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Tae Crticise the Crud – December 1895

“The world is too much with us late and soon; Getting and spending we lay waste our powers.” Wordsworth. Those of a generation ago do not quite appreciate our modern custom of each taking a few days’ or a few … Continue reading

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Hats and Gloves – November 1898

Men often remark that the average woman is not so careful and fastidious about the details of her dress as a man. That same critical man probably has his clothes and his linen attended to by some careful woman. If … Continue reading

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Fashion of Gloves – September 1906

The last few years have brought us greater liberty in the kind of gloves worn. I can remember when kid was de rigueur summer and winter for all dressy, and indeed for most, occasions. There was a time when cotton … Continue reading

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Scantiness and Lack of Grace – April 1899

Since the adoption of knickers there has been a scantiness and a skimpiness about the bottom of the skirt that does not make for grace when gracefulness is desired. It has been suggested that tacked to the lining inside of … Continue reading

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