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Little Hope of Food Control – June 1917

Lord Devonport has retired from his thankless office. The reason given is ill health, and it is well known that his lordship’s health has not been good during the whole period of his office. He made blunders, but no one … Continue reading

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Public Kitchen to Feed all Classes – April 1917

The Food Control Department is going to establish in Central London a large public kitchen to assist in the national economy of food. It is hoped by this means to enable thousands of people to keep within the rations, and … Continue reading

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Ways of Spreading of Butter – April 1917

There is a careful and there is a wasteful way of spreading butter on bread. The Cumberland way I have always thought very wasteful. It is vigorously scraped and worked into the cut side of the loaf, and then the … Continue reading

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Making Do On Rations – February 1917

Surely “The Raider” (nom de plume of the editor of The Scottish Farmer) speaks unthinkingly when he says that a weekly ration of 4 lbs bread, 2 1/2 lb meat, 3/4lb sugar would be gluttony for most of us and … Continue reading

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